Camila Manique Ferreira

Hello!!! I am a Brazilian native speaker just back in Brazil after one year living in Slovakia teaching Portuguese and English to foreigners. Our Portuguese lessons will work with the method of non...

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Natalia Aragón

My name is Natalia Aragón. I'm from El Salvador and I'm a psychologist who has vast experience in many fields. I have performed educational therapy as a part of university practices with two childr...

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Diego Ortiz

I teach three languages: Spanish, English and French. I have taught for 23 years at Companies, Universities and Language Centers. I have a proficient level in English and French and I am a native S...

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T. Silveira
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Tasha Breezie

Hi! I'm Tasha. I have tutored students in math from the elementary level to the university level. My students can expect simple explanations that make the content easy to follow. I'm looking forwar...

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Professor Thomás

Hi, there! Welcome to my profile. My name is Thomás, I'm a Brazilian Portuguese native speaker and I've been teaching Portuguese, English and Spanish for the past seven years. I'm also an artist an...

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Miss Mitchell

I attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Teacher Education I have six years teaching experience in Mathematics from the grade seven to thirteen. This includes basic mathematics to preca...

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Camila Alexandrini

Due to my passion for my mother language and for my profession, I have studied foreign languages ​​such as French and English to teach foreigners who want to learn Brazilian Portuguese. Even though...

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Jamie-Lee Colquhoun

Hey!!! My name is Jamie and I'm 22 years old. I'm a native English speaker but I also speak Spanish fluently as I have been studying in Cuba for the past year. Want to have fun while learning Spani...

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Rupsi Gurung

Hi, My name is Rupsi Gurung. I am from Nepal. I am a primary level teacher and I've been teaching math to primary level students since 6 years.

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Paula Oliveira

Olá! Sou brasileira, tenho 31 anos. Ofereço aulas online de português e espanhol com foco na compreensão oral, textos com áudios e o auxílio de um software de aprendizagem.

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Farah Martine N. Adrien Foreste

Native French Tutor from Haiti, a Ph.D. student in education. Languages are tools for others to understand you and for you to understand others. I have ten years of experience in teaching. I am ...

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Amanda Alves

Art Tutor, Educator and Educational Therapist. Google Certified Educator and Socioemotional Learning specialist. Creates and revises teaching materials, pedagogical scripts and learning trails for...

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Francesco Emmanuel, DipABRSM

Guitar lessons - Classical, Folk, Rock, Metal. I am a classically trained guitarist/music teacher with over 34 years playing experience. I am offering lessons in either - Classical Guitar Learning...

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Shanicia White

Elements and Principles of Art. Introduction to Drawing & Painting Drawing Techniques Craft

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Reynold Woodroffe

I sing/play piano for weddings and funerals and perform for concerts and Corporate functions Please contact me 1-868-497-3010 Whatsapp to set up class schedule

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Tajera The Scientist

I am Tajera Johnson, a Biochemist with 4 years of experience in tutoring science subjects. Science is apart of our everyday life, from the air we breathe to the food we eat, so do not be afraid of...

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Mickiela Christian

Nice to meet you! I'm Mickiela, and I'm a professional visual artist as well as a content creator. I've been drawing ever since I learned how to hold a pencil and my creative practices have evolved...

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Catherine Emmanuel

I'm a language grad of the University of Toronto offering French and Spanish classes to students of all ages. It's never too late to learn!

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Victor Aguilera

Spanish teacher from Mexico (fully bilingual). Experience teaching international students. Also experienced teaching professionals, graduate, undergraduate and high school students. The lessons I p...

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