Akshay Sthapit

Akshay Sthapit is a Marin dad that enjoys creating as well as consuming technology and has a PhD in Controls Engineering (Haptics/Robotics and Earthquake resistant buildings) and a minor in Math (numerics) from Georgia Tech, MIT, and Berkeley.

When the opportunity to connect top tutors around the world with kids during the school shutdowns in 2020 came up he of course had to get involved! Above all he enjoys meeting new and interesting people - if you send him an email at sthapit@milnu.com he promises to answer it.

Heads up. Milnu now supports Markdown (see below) to format your text or post code snippets etc. You're welcome

The quick💨 brown fox 🦊, jumped over the lazy dog🐶.

const { environment } 
= require('/webpacker')
My local time is 5:00 pm on Sat, Oct 23, 2021
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