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Title Description Tuition Instructor Updated
Art Crafts A course that will go into both the theory and practicals of sewing both by hand and machine. $6.00 Chelsea-Ann Martin Nov 23, 2020
Russian Language Work via zoom, what'sapp etc. $6.00 Arthur Nov 15, 2020
Russian Language Hello my name is Artem,i have both master and bachelor degrees, have a teaching experience at tea... $4.20 Artem Mirovich Nov 12, 2020
Russian Language Hello, my name is Lyuba Pristupova, I am offering russian language classes. I can work with small... $10.50 Miss Lyuba Oct 27, 2020
Language Japanese intermediate /business level. I will proofread during the conversation. Please prepare the main... $7.20 Rena Abou Oct 14, 2020
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I’m a high school math teacher in Brazil $6.00 Priscilla Sayuri Nov 02, 2020
English Let's practice English, let me know what are the topics and typical scenarios you want to practic... $6.00 Mary Paula Aguilar Sep 30, 2020
Spanish Language Do you want to practice and have a better understanding of the Spanish Language? Practica Conm... $6.00 Mary Paula Aguilar Sep 30, 2020
1 Review
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced lessons. I perform and give classes for popular singing an... $6.00 Mary Paula Aguilar Nov 02, 2020
1 Review
Offering personalized educational therapy for children age 2 to 10 years old to help them improve... $6.00 Natalia Aragón Sep 26, 2020
Japanese We will start learning how to write and read HIRAGANA (Japanese “alphabet”) with short story that... $7.20 Priscilla Sayuri Sep 15, 2020
Language Arts 8-year proven experience as a Language Arts homeroom teacher for Middle and High School in USA's ... $6.00 Carlos A. Cabrera, B.A. Nov 23, 2020
English Tutoring ESL students at all levels, both teens and adults since 2013. Intermediate to Advanced ... $6.00 Carlos A. Cabrera, B.A. Nov 23, 2020
English Hola. Bienvenido a lecciones de inglés que te permitirán hablarlo con fluidez. En el Nivel Aprend... $6.00 Carlos A. Cabrera, B.A. Oct 10, 2020
Portuguese Language
1 Review
I am a native Brazilian speaker with 5 years of experience teaching Brazilian Portuguese. The cla... $7.20 Muriel Fensterseifer Fabricio Sep 11, 2020
Chinese Hello ! I am a university lecturer reside in Tokyo. I am very happy to help you with your C... $18.00 Kennedy Sep 10, 2020
Japanese Beginner level Japanese to advanced level Japanese. Japanese culture $18.00 Kennedy Sep 09, 2020
Music Here we will learn to play any type of sax you have. We will start with the basics then reading a... $9.00 Ixan Melendez Sep 10, 2020
Coding Here we will start programming with scratch, we will learn about logical thinking and how to buil... $7.20 Ixan Melendez Nov 02, 2020
Coding Here in this C++ coding class we are going to talk about everything from variables to data struct... $7.20 Ixan Melendez Sep 09, 2020
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