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Title Description Tuition Instructor Updated
Portuguese The classes are customized according to your needs. We're going to practice all of the main skill... $7.20 Valter Machado Jan 15, 2021
Portuguese According to the student's objective, a personalized study program will be made so that we have a... $8.40 Thamis Silveira Jan 15, 2021
Piano Music I will be providing piano classes based on ABRS and LCM standards. We'll be working on achieving... $5.40 Krishna Neupne Jan 09, 2021
Art "Drawing is not what one sees but what one can make others see." Edgar Degas “It takes 25 year... $7.20 Justine Neuberger Jan 07, 2021
Social and Emotional Learning We are experiencing a gigantic technological revolution and the children of today, in the future,... $9.00 Amanda Alves Jan 05, 2021
Spanish I will teach more about Spanish to toddlers and teens. Practicing with conversations, and very ef... $6.00 Angela Reyes Jan 04, 2021
Spanish Music Learn to sing while practicing your spanish, learn your ideal practice rutine, vocalize together... $6.00 Débora :) Jan 07, 2021
1 Review
I am Tajera Johnson, a Biochemist with 4 years of experience in tutoring science subjects. Scienc... $6.00 Tajera The Scientist Jan 22, 2021
1 Review
Hello there! I'm Amanda, an art tutor who works as a teacher and as a freelancer illustrator a... $9.00 Amanda Alves Jan 03, 2021
Educational Therapy Hi, I'm Amanda! I'm offering personalized educational therapy for children age 2 to 12 years o... $9.00 Amanda Alves Jan 02, 2021
Art Drawing and painting $7.20 Debra Bartholomew Jan 01, 2021
Math Early Math thru late High School. USA-English ; via ZOOM. Prefer to use students normal school cu... $6.00 David Nicholas Willems Jan 07, 2021
Language Spanish Let me get you prepped for meetings, emails, and other office situations. daily situations that ... $6.00 Victor Pappa Dec 31, 2020
Language Spanish Improve your skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing at an intermediate level. 1 hou... $6.00 Victor Pappa Dec 31, 2020
Piano Music contemporary chord structures, scales and melodies, improvising $7.20 Reynold Woodroffe Dec 29, 2020
Guitar Music contemporary chord structures, scales and melodies, improvising $7.20 Reynold Woodroffe Dec 29, 2020
1 Review
Vocal training contemporary (beginner and intermediate) (one on one) $7.20 Reynold Woodroffe Dec 29, 2020
English Language With more than 20 years experience teaching ESL to international students, my particular speciali... $12.00 Shawn Lindsey Nov 29, 2020
Crafts Art A course that will go into both the theory and practicals of sewing both by hand and machine. $6.00 Chelsea-Ann Martin Nov 23, 2020
Russian Language Hello my name is Artem,i have both master and bachelor degrees, have a teaching experience at tea... $4.20 Artem Mirovich Nov 12, 2020
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