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Milnu was created to figure out how best to educate our kids when our schools closed in 2020. As international parents we quickly sourced our contacts from abroad to help tutor particular subjects, and we were soon getting requests from other parents who wanted the same high quality one-on-one tutors for their own children!

Milnu (मिल्नु) means "meet" in Nepali and our goal is to help you and your child meet with perfectly-matched teachers from around the world. Meet some of them here.

Milnu Offers Distance Learning Relief For ‘Do It All’ Parents

San Rafael - Milnu launches a vetted, affordable marketplace for matching international tutors with families in need of support with distance learning, offering welcome relief for parents struggling amidst COVID-19. Inspired by his own family's experience, founder and MIT grad Akshay Sthapit developed Milnu to shoulder the work of finding exceptionally qualified educators from around the world whose expertise often surpasses local candidates. Subjects include math, science, music, art, coding, languages, and virtually any other topic as the site becomes a go-to source for both tutors and families. Parents and kids alike can log in to browse top experts and try their first session for free, and timing is flexible and customizable.

"It is reassuring to discover that someone with twenty-five years of teaching experience could be available one-on-one for your child rather than your child being one of thirty in a Zoom class with lots of frustration and tears," says Sthapit. With experience as a grad student and tutor himself, he understands the importance of customized education and attention.

"Our goal is to help students meet with perfectly-matched teachers from around the world," says Bay Area partner, James Cordeiro. His family has also greatly benefitted from Milnu, and so he got involved with Sthapit and Milnu to expand the service in Marin County. Cordeiro, who previously developed a Virtual Reality Makerspace in Marin County, has seen a quick uptake from other parents who love the ease and reliability of Milnu.

Originally from Nepal, Milnu founder Akshay Sthapit understands the importance of using technology to connect people from different backgrounds. He came to the US at the age of 18 and graduated from Georgia Tech, MIT, and UC Berkeley and has since founded several international technology companies. He's passionate about offering high quality services to connect with talented people no matter one's location.

Discover more at www.milnu.com.

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