Educational Therapy

Cost per 30 min session: $9.00

Hi, I'm Amanda!

I'm offering personalized educational therapy for children age 2 to 12 years old to assist them develop learning skills, language, memory and to provide mental health care.

Educational therapy is focused on studying, evaluating, diagnosing and recommending treatments for new learning schemes to students of all ages, especially in basic education.

The counseling is targeted at all those who have presented certain kinds of challenges, obstacles, blockages and hurdles in school, including because they do not have a successful school results, low grades and self-esteem issues with school duties, both in assignments, sports, interactions, behaviour.

The therapy consists of a series of sessions in which a friendly contact bridge is formed with the patient to detect learning style, energy channeling, degree of self-esteem, accountability, research patterns. It works on thinking skills to help improve and restore the perfect equilibrium to face up enthusiastically to the tasks of changing behaviors and strategies to help the infant meet expectations and targets.

The counseling process is designed to fix or help the issues that have been found and to recommend new ways of doing it to change the whole learning process.

Duration of each session: 50-60 minutes

How it is performed:
1. Diagnosis is established between the first and second sessions. It is a diagnosis of academic and behavioural difficulties that the pupil may have presented.
2. Follow up on the issue through a series of activities aimed at reinforcing the defined region.
3. Provide information and instructional strategies (recommendations) to teachers and parents via meetings to improve and promote classroom work, if needed.
4. Special education assistance consists of the development of a child's academic profile, including motor performance and affective characteristics.
5. A work study will be drawn up after the treatment (all required sessions) has been finished.

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