Educational Therapy

Cost per 30 min session: $6.00

Offering personalized educational therapy for children age 2 to 10 years old to help them improve language, memory, perception, learning skills, etc.

The therapy consists of several sessions in which a friendly communication bridge is established with the student to detect learning style, energy channeling, degree of self-esteem, responsibility, study habits. It works on cognitive skills that help to improve and restore the ideal balance to enthusiastically face responsibilities to improve habits and techniques that help the child achieve goals and objectives.

Duration of each session: 50-60 minutes

How it is performed:
1. The diagnosis is developed in the first and second sessions. It is a diagnosis of learning and behavior problems that the student might present.
2. Follow up on the problem through different exercises focused on strengthening the identified area.
3. Provide information and educational strategies (recommendations) to teachers and parents through meetings to strengthen and enrich the work in the classroom, if requested.
4. Support in Special Education consists of the elaboration of an academic profile of the child, including motor performance and affective characteristics.
5. A work report will be developed once therapy (all necessary sessions) have been completed.

Educational therapy is based on knowing, analyzing, diagnosing, and proposing treatments with new learning schemes to students at all levels, especially in basic education.

The therapy is aimed at all those who have presented certain types of problems, difficulties, blocks, and obstacles in school, either due to not having a good school performance, low grades and self-esteem problems to face school responsibilities, both in homework, activities, dynamics, behavior.

The therapy process indicates to repair or help the problems that are detected and to suggest new ways of doing things to transform the entire learning process.

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Natalia Aragón's availability

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Oct 02, 2020 7:00 am 4:00 pm 9 hours Weekly on Weekends Oct 02, 2021
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