Ram Saran Shrestha

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Mr. Ram Sharan Shresta has been the driver for our Project - Design and Implement the M&E/MIS/DSS for the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in MoPPW - for almost 7 months. From May 2009 until December 2009.

Ram has excellent driving skills, and is a confident yet attentive driver. He carefully negotiates Kathmandu traffic with the right amount of push and shove, while not being too aggressive. An excellent driver!

His personality is always cheerful, inquisitive and courteous. He is constantly trying to improve and assist with anything that he can – almost always without being asked. Although he starts out a little shy, he has an engaging manner, a quick grin and a real thirst for knowledge about his clients. He is a great companion in those long traffic jams; but can also maintain silence when needed.

Ram has been taking English lessons - and his language skills have improved immensely. With some more practice with another project, or perhaps with a tour operator – he would excel. He tries hard to improve himself, and has a very good local knowledge of tourist sites, aid organisation office locations, and local road networks.

Ram would be extremely suited as a driver on another project, an aid organisation driver, or perhaps with a tourist operator.

Ram has tried so hard to be the best he can during this project, that I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him. It is an absolute pleasure – and I wish him well. I will certainly be using him in the future if he is available.

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