Siddhartha Gopalan

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Siddhartha Gopalan is a young, up and coming professional. An architect and an interior designer, his portfolio includes a resort-farmhouse in Chitwan, extensions at the Australian Embassy, and the popular eatery Roadhouse Café in Thamel and its new outlet in Dhobighat. Siddhartha's work demonstrates his great understanding of presentation and elegance and his quiet appreciation for good taste. You can tell that this man is a thinker and a feeler; sitting with him for a while, you will discover many things beneath the disciplined and refined exterior. Cool, calm, and collected, he is open and willing, but certainly not overbearing.

He spent 5 years at IED – Institute of Environmental Design, Gujarat. IED was the top 7 of 53 colleges in India at the time. He was one of 35 successful interviews of about 5 or 6,000 applicants from all over India. He then also spent 1 year in Delhi.

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1 16 Palisa, Tyre Treasure 25 days ago
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Hello Siddhartha ji, I am Palisa, Business Development Officer at Tyre Treasure. We really loved your designs and the sustainable aspect of it.

We are a green enterprise with an aim of creating sustainable world with our upcycled furniture and decor items made out of discarded tyres. We believe Tyre Treasure will be a great addition to your mission towards a sustainable world and vice versa. We really look forward to working together.

Please check out our current designs in the catalog attached or through our website. Please free to share us any queries of yours through our website, email, facebook or Instagram. We would be more than happy to hear back from you.

Have a great day!

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